The Honda RV generator line offers two compact gas units.

Quiet Honda RV generator line offers two compact gas units.

Honda RV Generators:

Honda RV Generator - Model EV4010, Gas, Gasoline Fueled, Liquid Cooled.
  • Honda offers two quiet rv generators.
  • These units feature gasoline fueled.
  • EV4010 has 4000 watt output.
  • Liquid cooled honda engines.
  • EV6010 has 6000 watt output.
The quiet Honda RV generator line offers two compact units. These units feature gas, gasoline fueled, liquid cooled engines, with remote start capability. These units come with a power output ratings of 4000 and 6000 watts.

The Honda portable generator line is divided in four distinct product sets: Super Quiet, Economy, Deluxe, and Industrial. Each of these contains a range of products targeted specifically at the needs of that particular area. While some honda generators can be powered with LP or Propane gas, none of the Honda models are designed to be permanently mounted on a stationary base outside a residence or small business. In addition, Honda does not offer a line of larger industrial generators or diesel generators.

These RV generators can be powered by gas, gasoline, LP liquid propane. One of the unique features of these Honda generators is the extra sound abatement, and muffling that has been built into the product line. In some campgrounds (including State and National Parks) there are now strict noise limits so that RV campers do not disturb their neighbors, and the acceptance of portable electricity may be grudging (at best). So be aware of the local camping protocols before starting up any power equipment!

Honda generators are part of the Power Equipment Division headquartered in Alpharetta, GA., which oversees sales, distribution, marketing and exportation. The Division's production facility began operations at it's plant in North Carolina in 1984. The Swepsonville plant today produces 1.5 million units per year of various Honda engines for power equipment products including generators, lawnmowers, pumps, tillers and snow blowers.

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