The Yamaha RV generator delivers reliable gas power.

This quiet Yamaha RV portable generator runs on gasoline.

Yamaha RV Portable Generator:

Yamaha Inverter Generator 2400EFiS
  • TwinTechTM capability - Hook up two EF2400iSs for 4600 watts of maximum power.
  • Auto-decompression system - Reduces compression for easier starting.
  • Gasoline petcock - Helps prevent carburetor contamination during storage.
  • Controls all on one panel - Easy access to controls.
  • Smart ThrottleTM varies engine speed based on load - Improves fuel economy and reduces noise.
Yamaha listened to what their customers wanted when they built their latest inverter generator. The result is the EF2400iS. Not only is it super-quiet (53-58dBA), it only weighs 70 pounds and produces 2400 watts of maximum power. Cleaner, quieter and more powerful, the EF2400iS is the next step forward in Yamaha generator technology.

RV (recreational vehicle) electric power generators are a special class of generator sets that are designed to be installed into various types and sizes of vehicles available in the RV industry. This could include special conversion buses, Winabago type campers, large towable campers, and even some smaller camp trailers. Many of these units are installed inside an enclosure underneath the main RV body, but some may be roof mounted or even rear or front rack mounted.

These RV generators can be powered by gasoline, diesel fuel, or even propane gas depending upon what makes the most sense for the particular installation. One of the unique features of these quiet rv generators is the extra sound abatement, and muffling that has been built into the product line. In some campgrounds (including State and National Parks) there are now strict noise limits so that RV campers do not disturb their neighbors, and the acceptance of portable electricity may be grudging (at best). So be aware of the local camping protocols before starting up any power equipment!

The small Yamaha portable camp generator sets are covered here because they sometimes may be purchased in addition to an RV generator, or in the case of a small "pop-up" camper might make more sense than a "real" RV generator. These are really very small lightweight portable Yamaha generators that are usually built to be very quiet during operation. These units generally can only operate a single small appliance at one time, (i.e., a radio, TV, hairdryer, or a couple of lights.)

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