New dual 15 AMP, 20 AMP to 30 AMP AC adapter. For RVs, Motorhomes, Campers.

RV generator adapters.

RV Generator Adapter:

Dual 15 - 30 AMP RV adapter for Honda, Yamaha, & Kipor generator - convert two 15/20 AMP outlets to one RV 30 AMP outlet (pictured)
  • No power loss: 2 x 15 AMPs convert to 30 AMPs or 30 AMPs convert to 30 AMPs.
  • Won't vibrate loose as easy: The single 15 AMP to 30 AMP adapter often vibrates loose.
  • Plug into standard wall outlet - 15 AMP Plug Spacing : 1.6"
  • For use at home and some older RV Parks with just the 15 AMP outlets.
  • Good Quality, Made in USA.
New dual 15 AMP (or 20 AMP in many generators) to 30 AMP AC adapter. For RVs, Motorhomes, Campers. Use on most generators and RV Park (with traditional 15 AMP outlet). This listing is for one of this adapter. You are looking at a perfect adapter for converting most generator's dual 20 AMP receptacles to a 30 AMP RV (TT-30) receptacle.

It is best to use on a generator and the power outlet for some RV Parks. It also fits perfectly to your home outlets. (the spacing between the 15 AMP plug is 1.6" which is the standard spacing on most generators). Fits most generators with standard plug spacing, this includes the following popular models: Honda EU1000i, EU2000i, EU3000is. Kipor KGE1000Ti, KGE2000Ti, KGE3000Ti, KGE3000THi. Yamaha EF1000IS, EF2400I, EF2800I, EF3000ISE.

RV generators are powered by gas, gasoline. One of the unique features of portable rv generator is the extra sound abatement, and muffling that has been built into the product line. In some campgrounds (including State and National Parks) there are now strict noise limits so that RV campers do not disturb their neighbors, and the acceptance of portable electricity may be grudging (at best). So be aware of the local camping protocols before starting up any power equipment!

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